Friday, May 24, 2013


By Ranches Lee Hall

Self discipline is where you act by doing what you know that you should do instead of what you feel like doing at the moment. Boredom and feeling lazy are some of your worst enemies. Procrastination is also in the list. They prevent you from doing something that will add value to your life and be of benefit to you in the long term. Self discipline is a virtue that will help in attaining your life's goals and aspirations plus it will also help you avoid making mistakes that you will always regret. It is therefore important that you learn it since it is very essential in our lives.

Most people who are success stories will tell you how they worked hard to be where they are. This they did by putting more time in their studies and training harder than the rest. They may have not liked working hard but they knew they had to if they were to get what they wanted to be. Sports persons especially have to spend a lot of time in the field training. They can decide to skip training sessions and go party since most of them have a lot of money without caring about the consequences but they do not. They have that self discipline in them which helps them prioritize. They know that the training helps to improve their skills and they will train hard no matter how boring and tiring it may seem to be. Even the richest businessmen are known to be early risers who work hard each and every day. It is a culture they have developed within themselves which helps them do what is important and not to go for short cuts.

For someone who maybe is overweight. They may tell themselves that they want to lose a certain number of pounds. Morning jogs and change in the diet from junk food to healthy foods if strictly followed will lead to the desired results. However, most people will not achieve this since they may feel lazy and decide not to wake up in the morning to go for the jog or be tempted to eat junk food. If you are truly self disciplined you will easily ignore those temptations and follow up your program and the results will be what you wanted.

Building self discipline is not a difficult task but should be undertaken progressively. First it is very critical that you know yourself. If you spend the whole day on the internet you cannot just stop immediately and go for 2 days without using it. Try to reduce the amount you spend on the internet to a couple of hours a day and when you achieve that then you can decide to go for a day without the internet. This means once you succeed in attaining your target you go for another target so that you are always improving your self discipline.

When it comes to instances such as alcohol and sex. Do not be intimidated or influenced into doing what you do not want to do or something that you know would have adverse consequences. Stand by your principles and show those around you that you are not willing to break them. They will respect your decision and even respect you more. Will power is key here.
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